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What is the setup process like?

Getting setup with Britebooks is simple and easy. We’re aware that you want your business to continue running as smoothly as possible, that’s why our transition process is seamless.

Our proactive team does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to get you set up. We’ll transition all current systems, setting you up with the latest accounting software packages that will benefit your business the most.

Acting just like your in-house staff, you’ll always have a point of contact through a dedicated bookkeeper. Our qualified Accountants then verify all bookkeeping tasks to ensure optimum quality and accuracy for your accounts.


Prices to shout about

At Britebooks, our bookkeeping services are not only swift and accurate, but also remarkably affordable. With access to a team of Chartered Accountants & highly-qualified Bookkeepers, you can receive the highest-quality service while also significantly reducing your costs.

Annual Turnover Price Per Month
Upto £100K £195
Upto £250K £295
Upto £500K £395
Upto £1M £495
Upto £2M £595
Upto £4M £695
£4M+ P.O.A